Torture in Russia. Kaliningrad. FSB

Dear journalists, we need your help!


In Kaliningrad, sadists in uniform FSB (ex-KGB) killed a young man. Alexander was detained, handcuffed, stripped naked, thrown on a cold concrete floor. This guy's been tortured for a long time. FSB officers beat him, used stun guns, electrocuted in the genitals, forced to plead guilty and to testify. His friends were also beaten. Alexander refused to admit guilt, and the sadists decided to rape him with a stick.Then he was brought to the FSB building and there also were tortured. But at the first interrogation with his lawyer Alexander said about torture. Then the investigator interrupted the interrogation. The next day, the judge under pressure from the FSB arrested Sasha. At trial, Sasha told the judge about the torture, showed the wounds. Also at the court came and those who were tortured Sasha. The guy has identified them and showed them, saying that they are sadists. He wasn't afraid to report torture!!!!

The next day he was taken to prison. It was March 7. Early on the morning of March 9 jailers allegedly found a corpse of Sasha. The young man did not live in prison for more than a day. The applicant of corruption and torture of the FSB were killed. He died because he believed in justice. But it wasn't there...

Sasha left a widow. They married on December 1, 2017 and wanted to live a long happy life...((

I ask You to help us with the publicity of this terrible history. Only the attention of the press and bloggers can help force the Russian authorities to investigate this terrible crime.

My statement about this crime and photos of Alexander's body with traces of torture are here

P.S. I haven't written in English in a while. I'm sorry for mistakes and inaccuracies.

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Саядова(Худиева) Нигяр Саядова(Худиева) Нигяр
21 марта 2018 в 15:46

Негодяи!!!люди не рабы!!!как мне жалко его родственников(((

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15 августа 2018 в 12:37
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15 августа 2018 в 07:09
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