Vladimir: Gulagu.net project coordinator attacked

Boris Ushakov. Photo: Facebook

Unknown people shot Boris Ushakov outside 44 Oktyabrsky Avenue in the evening of March 13.

In Vladimir, there has been an attempt on Gulagu.net project coordinator Boris Ushakov, project founder Vladimir Osechkin reported on his Facebook page.

According to Osechkin, the attack took place in the evening of March 13. Unknown people shot Boris Ushakov outside 44 Oktyabrsky Avenue. The Gulagu.net founder noted that the project coordinator is alive.

Osechkin also added that officers of the ICR and MIA had arrived at the scene of the attack and “behaved strangely.” Ushakov said that the spot from where he was shot was not fenced, and police officers tried to “follow the assassin by his shoe impressions.” In addition, the project coordinator said that the person who “introduced himself as investigator” left the scene, allegedly to get his ID.

Gulagu.net founder said that Ushakov had previously reported receiving death threats to law enforcement agencies, but no criminal case was opened.

“Our coordinators are now applying for the initiation of a criminal case on the fact of the assassination attempt, and we will insist on granting state protection to Borya [Boris],” Osechkin said.

According to Osechkin, Boris Ushakov has repeatedly reported torture and reprisals against prisoners in the Federal Penitentiary Service Directorate institutions in the Vladimir region, and in recent statements, he pointed out the involvement of FSB officers in torture.

The publication reports that Znak.com the press service of the ICR in the Vladimir region reported the lack of information about the attack on Ushakov.

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