Human rights activists appeal to prosecutor’s office over torture of detainees in Moscow

The community has appealed to Moscow’s public prosecutor Vladimir Churikov with a request to check the detention conditions of March 26 protest participants detained at the Metrogorodok district police department. The open letter was published by the community founder Vladimir Osechkin.

Osechkin stated that the “detainees [were] essentially being tortured,” as they were being deprived of sleep, food, and drinking water. Earlier, deputy head of the Moscow Observation Commission Eva Merkacheva found out that detained protest participants were deliberately placed in crowded cells and were given mattresses only on the evening of March 27, more than 24 hours after their detention.

The detainees also complained that the police had only begun to draw up reports on them more than six hours after their detention and that their relatives had not been informed of their whereabouts.

Osechkin asked the prosecutor to look into whether the police was guilty of abuse of authority, forgery, and illegal detention.

  • On March 26, more than a thousand people were detained at a protest rally in Moscow; 12 of the detainees were taken to the Metrogorodok police station. On March 27, the day after the rally, courts began issuing rulings against the detainees. Some were found guilty of disobeying police and issued sentences.
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