Valeri Pshenichny raped and tortured to death in Russian jail

A Russian entrepreneur accused of defrauding the country’s defence ministry was raped and tortured to death in his cell while awaiting trial, a forensic report revealed.

Valeri Pshenichny, 56, denied charges of embezzling 100 million roubles (£1.1 million) from the Russian military. He was found hanged in his cell in St Petersburg in February. Medical experts have ruled out suicide, according to Novaya Gazeta, Russia’s biggest opposition newspaper.

“Electric shock burns from a hot-water boiler cord were found in his mouth. Cuts and stab wounds on his body. A broken spine,” the paper reported. “In short, he was tortured.” He was also raped before his death, medical reports said.

Mr Pshenichny was arrested in January at the apartment he shared with his wife, Natalia. Police…

Источник: The Sunday Times
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